Just a few rawhide notes to end out the year:

  • Python 3.6 rebuild completed (mostly) and was merged back into rawhide. There were a number of things that needed cleanup, but we seem to have gotten them all handled in a few days. Next time we should really allow a day or two before we merge the side tag in and fix up things that are important for composes before we merge into rawhide.
  • Astute folks may have noticed: Builds in koji now will complete on all arches, even if one fails. In the past if one arch failed, the rest were canceled and the build came back as failed right away. Now all the arches will complete before the failure comes back. This allows you to see not only the problem that failed the build, but any other problems it would have hit on other arches as well. This should be of help especially to larger builds.
  • There is still a bit of fallout from the rawhide always signed changes we need to fix up in the new year: chain-builds no longer work, the rawhide fedora-release needs to be modified to always expect repos are signed, and we need to discuss what sort of testing we want to add in now that we have a handy place for adding it.

Have a smooth ride the rest of the year, no matter where your trail takes you.