Hello from the Rawhide trail.

With the recent Flag day (on Dec 12th), we switched all rawhide builds to allow us to sign (and hopefully eventually test) all packages. Here’s how it works:

  • Your rawhide build used to just be tagged into the f26 (currently rawhide) tag. Now, it tags into the f26-pending tag instead.
  • The autosigner sees the build, signs it and moves it to the f26 tag for the next rawhide compose.

Unfortunately, there is a backlog of packages we needed to sign, many from the ppc{le} bringup, so thats why there hasn’t been any rawhide composes the last few days. The one today should be out later today however, and we should be back on track from there.

So currently we are just signing things at the $release-pending tag, but we would like to try and start doing some automated QA there at some point. Nothing that will hold up builds for too long, but something that will catch obviously broken builds from landing. Now that we have everything otherwise in place we can start figuring out what we want to run there.

Also, coming soon to rawide will be the first rebuild of python packages for the upcoming python 3.6. Hopefully that will all be smooth sailing, but a number of package updates will land for that soon.