Well, it’s been a while but I thought I would share news from rawhide both from the previous month or so and upcoming.

With the release of Fedora 25 a number of developers and testers are switching back to rawhide in the run up to the Fedora 26 branching event. Welcome back to the trail!

In the last month there’s been various small rawhide issues:

  • openssl 1.1.0c came out and had a number of issues. In particular it broke authentication to koji, so any package maintainers had to downgrade back. It also broke a bunch of tests in python, which has delayed the landing of python 3.6 in rawhide. There’s a patched version of 1.1.0c that landed last week, so everyone should be ok to update openssl again.
  • The latest systemd version landed, but then had to be untagged again because it broke a number of parts of compose. Hopefully those will get worked through and fixed.
  • More recently (The last week) a kf5/qt5 update is in progress and isn’t fully finished. Rawhide users will notice a number of packages dnf says it’s skipping due to broken dependencies. This should get fixed up soon, so just keep skipping those items.
  • Finally, the last few days we have run into an odd problem that looks like it might be related to RHEL7.3 squid (which is whats on kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org and used for package downloads for builds). Sometimes packages just don’t seem to download and it breaks the compose, but testing later they work fine. We downgraded squid back to the 7.2 version for now and composes seem to be working again.

Finally in exciting upcoming news: There’s a “flag day” on december 12th (2016-12-12) for a bunch of changes that release engineering has been wanting to make for a long time. One of these changes will finally allow us to do the last thing we need to do to get a 100% signed and gated rawhide. There will be a change in fedpkg (as well as some koji server changes) that will make rawhide builds land in a ‘f26-pending’ tag instead of just going directly to ‘f26’. Then, our autosign process will sign them and retag them to f26. We also can add in automated QA here to decide if a build is ready to be tagged in or not. I hope next year that we can add a bunch of tests here and make rawhide more and more stable.