Well, it’s been a while again, so I thought I would update everyone on recent goings on in Rawhide, Fedora’s rolling development release.

Since my last post we finally moved over to having Rawhide and Branched (what will be Fedora24) done by the new pungi4. There are sadly lots of little issues that have been cropping up and getting fixed by Release Engineering, but it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. As of this post, the last Rawhide compose that finished was the 2016-03-31 one, all the ones since then have failed. Hopefully this will get sorted out tomorrow. The current cause of problems is adding atomic/ostree to the compose (which we very much need/want), it’s just been more difficult that we first hoped. Once things settle down we will really be in a better place than before, with full composes (tested by openqa!) every night.

There was a bit of delay since the Branching event on signing, but last week we got back on track and (almost) everything in rawhide should be signed by the Fedora-25 key now.

With compose issues and general breakage in the install path it’s been difficult to install rawhide recently. Again, once we get the normal composes back on track this should clear up. As usual, once you have a rawhide install there hasn’t been really much breakage of the day to day use path.

Astute observers would have noticed that the rawhide-source mirrormanager repo wasn’t working after the switch to pungi4. I’ve fixed that up the other day and rawhide-source should be working normally again.