There’s been some confusion about how long it takes from changing your ssh key in the Fedora Account System (FAS) and being able to use it to access things like or or The method has also changed a while back so I thought I would write up this short post on it.

TLDR version: for ssh access to fedorapeople, pkgs or fedorahosted, it should take about 2-17minutes. (usually 2). For access to other machines (if you are in a sysadmin group), it should take 15 to 30min (usually 15). So, you would be safe saying “within 30minutes”.

In the past, we simply had a cron job on every machine that would run every 30min or so and sync everything. This was a massive waste of resources. We had to size our fas servers to handle the load of every machine +/- a few minutes hitting them and for the most part, absolutely nothing changed. Then, along came fedmsg and we now had easily available data to know when something has changed and what it might affect. The new process is run from a fedmsg listener: It waits for ssh keys changes to be mentioned on the fedmsg bus, then it looks to see if they are from someone in a sysadmin group or not. It will then wait for about 30 seconds (if there’s more changes coming in, might as well do them at once). If not, run a ansible playbook that updates just those machines that they might have access to. If they are, use a different playbook that updates all the machines in turn.

The non sysadmin playbook takes about a minute to run. So, the vast majority of these changes will appear in about 2 minutes.

The sysadmin playbook takes much longer (There’s a LOT more machines in this playbook): 15minutes or so. The vast majority of changes here will appear in 15minutes (but it depends on which machine you are waiting for access on of course).

As a side note this applies to ssh keys and mail aliases, but not koji certificates. Those are active immediately as soon as they are issued (and your old certs are revoked).

Since the script will only run one playbook run at a time, the worst case is your changes just miss a sysadmin playbook run and you are yourself a sysadmin. Then you may have to wait 30 minutes. For the case most people will hit, it should just be a minute or two.