Once again I have been busy and haven’t gotten a notes from the trail out recently, time to correct that!

Just a bit over two weeks ago we had a mass rebuild event in rawhide. This one was for gcc6 which just landed in rawhide. The actual rebuilding took (much like the last one we did) about 36 hours, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. From the devel-announce post about the mass rebuild completing: “16129 builds have been tagged into f24, there s currently 1155 failed builds that need to be addressed by the package maintainers.” Dealing with those failed builds is always the intensive part of any mass rebuild cycle, since it takes maintainer time to sort out whats going on (and often upstream communication) to fix.

In just a few days we will be branching off F24 from rawhide. Do make sure when this happens on tuesday that you follow the direction you want: Either keep on rawhide or follow Fedora 24 until it’s release in June.

With the mass rebuild and a bunch of other changes people are landing before the branch event there’s been some issues with the rawhide install path again. If you need to install rawhide, do check https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/ for the last image that passed install tests and save yourself time and energy before downloading.

Finally we are close to landing the changes in the compose process around pungi4. This will make every day’s rawhide just like a release compose. It will have all the trees, images, checksums, metadata and such every day. This will also be used for the Fedora 24 cycle composes, so everything should be a good deal more consistent.