There has been a lot of things going on in rawhide of late, so past due for another note from the trail. 🙂

The python 3.5 rebuild has landed. The vast majority of it was done in a side tag by Peter Robinson, Kalev Lember and Robert Kuska (and others!), then merged back into rawhide on friday (the 13th). There are still a number of packages that need fixes to build against python 3.5, expect most of them to get fixed up this week. If you have some of those installed, dnf may well hold back python3 and all the newly rebuilt packages until the ones you have installed are all fixed or you remove them.

There was a dracut bug over the weekend (landed friday and fixed this morning) that might result in newly updated kernels not having an initramfs. Make sure you get the version from this morning before installing/upgrading kernels. (That was: bug 1281917)

On the kernel front, the 4.4.0 merge cycle has been running the last few weeks, resulting in tons of changes and some fun bugs. If your tun/tap devices don’t work, that is bug 1281674 which already has a fix, hopefully upstreamed soon. I’ve also seen plymouth unable to prompt for decryption on boot (not yet filed), and there was breakage in video for vm’s (already fixed upstream hopefully). Likely there will be a 4.4.0 rc1 kernel for rawhide today with many of those fixes.

There were no rawhide livecd’s or arm appliance images for a few days late last week. This was due to the builders all being moved to Fedora 23 and missing a few packages they needed for koji to be able to create those images. That should be all solved now, however some images still may not compose due to lingering python3 deps.

On the graphical front, Gnome logins switched from being Xorg by default and having a special “Gnome wayland” session for wayland to the reverse. Wayland is now the default with the normal “Gnome” session. There is a “Gnome Xorg” session now if you need to fall back to Xorg for any reason. How well this ends up working out will decide if Fedora 24 Workstation will default to wayland or not. In my testing, Gnome/Wayland is prefectly usable day to day now, many of the issues in the past have been fixed up. There’s still a lot of polish type things to get right I think, for example I use sloppy focus and it sometimes doesn’t act right with wayland.

Whew. As usual lots going on in rawhide and always a fun bit of trail riding. Until next time, keep them doggies movin!