Friday started with a keynote by John Schull at eNable. They basically are a community around designing, building and distributing upper limb prognostics. With 3d printers getting so common and good, it’s enabled people to design and print their own. There’s tons of places people could contribute to the project, from designing things, printing them and shipping them, to helping gather statistics about the community and help them move on to other exciting areas. Really a very cool project that I had never heard of before. Kudos to the flock organizers for bringing John in.

After that we moved on to workshops (both today and tomorrow). The infrastructure team gathered up and started using a gobby document to do a sort of bar camp thing so we could discuss the things we wanted. Then we went through them. We didn’t mange to get them all, but we got a lot of them. Look for mailman3, bodhi2 and other exciting things very very soon.

After a lunch break we came and everyone started hacking on various things. I wrote down many of the things I discussed, but will need to gather them and go through them to make them coherent. 🙂

The friday evening event was at the Eastman house. Very cool place, lots of great pictures and old cameras, as well as a chocolate fountain. 🙂