Monday morning was a pretty ordinary one, fix some broken things, sort out some tickets and so forth.

Then, in the afternoon it was time to head out to flock 2015. Flock doesn’t officially start until wed morning, but tomorrow is Fedora 23 Alpha release day and I wanted to make sure I was not traveling for that in case any issues came up, so I decided to head out to flock a day early.

Travel was as fun as it always is: I made it to my first flight with lots of time, but it ended up leaving about 20minutes late. Then it got into the Minneapolis airport basically on the opposite side as my next flight, so I had to basically run to catch the next one. I did manage to make it with a few minutes to spare. The last leg into Rochester was uneventfull as was the taxi ride to the hotel.

Now to get some sleep before getting up early to push Fedora 23 alpha out.