The summer is just flying by and next week is the 2015, North America version of Flock, this time in Rochester, NY.

Flock is the annual Fedora conference, which alternates between North American and Europe each year. It’s a great time to listen in talks what other Fedora folks are working on and have less format hallway talks with people you work with all the time but don’t live near.

Some information for this years flock:

Will be Aug 12th to the 15th in Rochester, NY.

If you can’t make it in person, there will be likely live streaming and transcripting going on.

Please Join -flock on for general conversation with other flock goers and as a place to find more information for remote attendees.

Registration and conference rate hotel room are long closed, but if you still find yourself able to make it to there in person you are welcome to attend. (You may not be able to get a t-shirt or lunches or evening events, but the conference is open to everyone!)

Evening events have been announced:

The schedule of talks:

Please thank our wonderful sponsors:

I’m looking forward to it. 🙂