Just thought I would do a quick post to note that our fedora message bus is more active than ever since we have gotten lots of new things hooked up to it lately and it’s so easy to watch all the activity and note things you are interested in.

  • You can simply join -fedmsg on freenode and watch the messages go by and use your irc clients native highlight to alert you to things you care about. Or watch them all and learn something new. 🙂
  • If you’re on a fedora machine: “yum install fedmsg” and then run ‘fedmsg-tail –really-pretty’ in a terminal to watch the bus. You can also trigger actions off with fedmsg-trigger (in same package)
  • There’s fedmsg-notify if you want gui messages direct on your desktop. Install that package and run fedmsg-notify-config to set it up.
  • Look for our notifications service to roll out fully soon too, so you can have it email, msg you on irc or notify you on your mobile device when a message you care about drives accross the message bus.

It’s great to see all the messages, and we are only going to be adding more…