Final day of the FAD has arrived.

After catching up on emails and a few other pending tasks, I headed down and joined the rest of the FADders after breakfast.

First order was some more releng staging setup: made the staging koji hub a nfs server and set some other staging hosts as nfs clients. This should let us test things like mashing updates with Bodhi, or building rawhide. Also, should allow us to do newrepo tasks on the builder instead of just on the hub.

Some more discussion around QA infrastructure today, mostly just sorting out what we discussed some already yesterday, and we started merging qa ansible playbooks into infrastructure and created a new db host and resultsdb servers.

Lots of discussion around taskotron and bodhi interactions. What queries when and how we could hook in gating when we/if we get to the point where we want to do that.

All in all lots and lots of things got done. I think it’s been a very productive FAD. No, we didn’t get bodhi2 deployed, but it’s much more clear the parts that need implementing and lots of parts got implemented. I definitely expect bodhi2 to land sometime this year. 😉