Day two started with some catchup on emails and so forth, then another run to the airport for me.

Then, everyone had arrived and we had some great discussions.

I talked with Tim Flink from QA about infrastructure plans and we sorted out a lot of things. We are going to look at improving some of our infrastructure tools and merge in their playbooks into our ansible setup. We talked databases, monitoring and backups. Great to get some things sorted out more and will be working on things more in the next few days.

Then was some releng talk. We brainstormed a way we might be able to make our staging releng actually useful: Set it up so it uses the primary koji as external repos. This would allow us to easily build against whats in production to test the package lifecycle, without having to carry a bunch of differences. I started working on making our koji staging over in ansible so we can get this going. We just need that setup, a staging builder and we should be in much better shape. I got the instance reinstalled, but it needs more config work.

A great dinner and some classic arcade and pinball playing ended the day.