A few rawhide happenings for you this time:

  • There’s an ongoing issue with single cpu systems not booting. This is a systemd bug. see bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1095891 If you are running rawhide in a virt system, be sure to give your instance more and 1 cpu.
  • Our storage issues are all fixed up, and rawhide composes are back to taking around 4-5hours.
  • Almost all koji builders have been re-installed/updated.
  • Additionally, we have added some buildhw instances, so we have quite a lot of builders now.
  • All the side tags in the buildsystem for f21 need to merged in by 2014-05-26 for f21. These are for python, tcl and possibly boost.
  • The f21 mass rebuild will be started on 2014-06-06, so soon after that there will be a LOT of updated packages in rawhide.