Another few weeks of rawhide rolling along.

Last week (friday) there was an unfortunate soname bump in the bind package. This cased the dhcp package to be unhappy until it was rebuilt. If you were wondering why there were no rawhide images for a few days that was why. I went ahead and rebuilt it sunday.

The astute out there may have noticed that rawhide composes are running quite slow the last few weeks. Oddly, I haven’t actually had anyone ask me about it or complain, which is kind of sad actually. 😉 The problem is the netapp storage that we use to compose on. Storage folks are working on the problem and hopefully it will get fixed up soon. In the mean time composes have been taking 2-4x as long as normal. ;(

I’ve updated all our buildvm* and arm* builders to fedora 20. In the process I reworked out ansible playbooks for them a great deal. They were some of the very first playbooks we ever made in ansible, and were showing their age. Things are much faster and cleaner now. In the process I ran into a kernel problem on arm (fixed in a newer kernel version) and a createrepo problem on the x86 builders (downgraded createrepo for now, there’s an outstanding bug to fix the issue). This problem resulted in epel buildroots not regenerating correctly for a day or two. 🙁

Otherwise another few pretty normal weeks of rawhide. 😉