Skipped last week as things were very busy ramping up from the holidays, so this is a double edition. 😉

The selinux execstack/execmem issue turned out to be all due to a krb5 package bug. I had dismissed this because I don’t use kerberos here, and didn’t note that all the things complaining were linked to krb5-libs anyhow. 😉 As soon as that fix pushed back out and a selinux relabel later I was back to enforcing on my rawhide laptop.

Late last week there was another unfortunate abi bump, this time in satyr package, which is used by abrt. This time the maintainers expected to rebuild the entire deps, but ran into problems in rawhide building one of the packages in the list. This is a good place to run mockchain and re-build stacks of deps locally before pushing into rawhide to make sure they all build ok.

Yesterday, I pushed a change to the redhat-rpm-macros package that changes the way the %configure macro is expanded. This was a hacky fix for packages that had set the %_hardended_build flag, but used libtool. Due to the way libtool expanded things the resulting package would not be hardened. With this fix now they should be the next time they are rebuilt. So far I have not heard any issues with this change, but be aware and please do file bugs on it if you run accross one.

Also Yesterday at the weekly re-eng irc meeting I brought up the idea again of working on improving the rawhide compose process. There’s some likely pretty easy to implement gains short term in reporting: Just show if images worked or not, report on the livecd and appliance runs. Longer term I think we can add some ways to gate bad updates to prevent them from rolling out to rawhide users. This will take more discussion and planning, but there’s ways to do this. I’ll explore this more in next weeks post.

In the mean time happy rawhiding.