Another few weeks of rawhide and a few things to note:

  • virt-manager continues to be broken. I had hopes that there was light at the end of the tunnel, but it seems not. It now starts up fine, but doesn’t display any of your connections or let you use them. This is another pygobject3 issue. Some folks have downgraded pygobject3 and gtk3 to work around it. Hopefully there will be some progress soon, this is getting pretty silly.
  • A new giflib landed (briefly) in rawhide. This broke a bunch more packages than the maintainer was thinking it would. They have backed it out until it can be handled properly.
  • The 3.13 rc kernels are working fine here on my rawhide laptop.
  • No other particularly exciting breakage that I can recall recently.
  • There are now nightly rawhide and branched live images and arm images! See: for disk images and for live images. These appear some hours after the branched/rawhide compose completes.
  • The rawhide compose has moved earlier. We wanted to give more time for images to compose, so we moved rawhide to start at 05:15UTC now.

Happy rawhiding.