Rawhide continues to be nice and boring for the most part. Just a few things to note from the last week:

There was an update to upower that bumped the api/abi. This broke a number of packages. Most of them just needed a simple rebuild, but there’s likely still some fallout from this. In practical terms it’s not too big a problem, but something to be watching for in applications you use that query upower for power information.

virt-manager doesn’t start anymore. This is bug 1024569 and a good example of how things are intertwined. The actual bug is a regression in pygobject3. Thats now fixed up, but there’s a issue with it’s checks against the new gtk3 and gobject introspection which makes it hard to build. 😉 It should be sorted out in the next few days, but in the mean time it’s a bit anoying for those of us that use virt-manager a fair bit. Kudos to the libvirt folks tracking down what was going on.