Another week along and rawhide keeps on rolling along. A few things to note from the past week:

There was a systemd breakage where logind wasn’t correctly showing local users as logged in. This of course caused all kinds of problems with local resource usage. Some quick work by Harald Hoyer fixed it up the very next morning. Thanks for the quick fixes. It’s of course better to not break things at all, but if you do, quick fixes are very much welcome.

In kernel news, the backlight issue I was running into (where acpi backlight would get renamed after monitor power off/on) was also fixed in the more recent kernels. Good to see things progressing there and getting fixed. I also dropped my snippet to switch to uxa accel. I had to do that when things were crashing all the time on my laptop, but it seems to also have been cleared up. Using a 3.12.0-rc1 kernel without debugging is a dream, very nice and fast here. 😉

In the last NetworkManager update there’s a nasty ipv6 bug again. It causes NM to cycle here and never completely bring up the network. This is bug 1008104. I still need to gather more complete debug info for NM maintainers to track it down. I hope there will be more folks testing with ipv6 enabled networks. We do seem to hit ipv6 bugs somewhat often.

Otherwise a pretty normal week in rawhide land.