Sorry I’ve skipped a few weeks of rawhide reporting. 😉

Some fun issues in the last few weeks:

freerdp was updated, and that seems to have had several issues falling out of it. remmina’s rdp plugin is broken which broke composes of the Xfce spin as well. I have removed that plugin from the Xfce group for now, but it still needs fixing. vino was also broken by this, but it’s also since been fixed up. Maintainers really should try and coordinate these abi bumps a bit better. ;(

The 3.11 kernel was released, so rawhide has rolled on to the 3.12prerelease versions. So far it’s been ok here, but a few glitches: Ran into a bug with backlight. Every time you power off your display the number of the acpi_backlight controls increases, making it not work too well for things that expect that to stay the same. This is bug 1005409. Also, for a time there the iwlwifi wireless driver was going very slow again (taking 14 hours for a 1 hour backup of my laptop), but that seems to now be cleared up.

The lightdm issue with no icons showing has been tracked down and fixed. Was a minor bug in the gtk3 package (causing it to look in the wrong place for defaults).

There were some anoying issues around firefox and a pretrans scriptlet. As a reminder for package maintainers, you SHOULD NOT use shell for pretrans scriptlets. Since on install there’s nothing available but rpm and it’s embedded lua, you have to write these in lua or expect that any clean install with your package will fail and anoy users. Perhaps we can get rpm to complain about this at build time or reject it.

Otherwise things seem to keep rolling along pretty well and rawhide continues to be usable day to day for me. 🙂