Another week of rawhide. Only one issue really stands out from this week: The kernel switched to using a script provided by systemd to install. See: for the low down. There was a slight mistake made in the script however, which meant that rawhide users wouldn’t see new kernels appear in grub.conf. This has been corrected today, and if you update to at least systemd-204-4.fc20 it should be fixed. You may need to re-install old kernels or manually add them to grub2.cfg if you want to boot them. Note that this does not affect Fedora 19 Branched, those kernels still use the old scripts and should work fine.

In other news Fedora 19 Beta went out today. A pretty smooth and uneventful release day. Please do download it and try it out and report bugs on it. F19 is shaping up to be a nice release, IMHO.