So, this last week in the world of rawhide:

The 3.9.0 kernel came out, and quickly was replaced with 3.10.0 git snapshots. So far they have been all running just fine here, although there was a few there that had some problems with wired ethernet.

Xfce 4.10.1 updates came out. These are just bugfix/translation updates for the existing 4.10.x Xfce stable stream. The more important fixes we were already carrying as backported patches, so there’s nothing too thrilling here. Updates are out for f18 and f19, please do karma them up if they work for you. Rawhide had the packages monday.

There was some yum breakage last thursday. Luckily for me I didn’t update early in the day so I saw the reports and was able to update the fixed yum from koji before applying my daily updates. This is another nice way to be on rawhide and a bit more conservative, just wait and update late in the day so others will hit the big problems before you do and provide solutions. (It’s also another great reason to be on the test list to see those kinds of things).

Ran into an odd dig core dump issue (try: “dig +sigchase +topdown” and see the cores pile up). Unfortunately, abrt didn’t want to file it for me, so I will have to do a bit more digging and make sure it’s filed.

A fedora community member on g+ whipped up (pun intended) a rawhide wallpaper thats pretty cool: is the post.

Until next week… move em up.