have you submitted a talk?

Have you submitted a talk?

Fedora is doing a new conference this year: flock

It’s setup more like a traditional conference (sessions proposed in advance) and it’s timed after Fedora 19 comes out, but early in the Fedora 20 cycle, so there’s good ability to plan things for the very next Fedora at it. Also, hopefully lots of folks from around the world will be able to attend. (Next years flock might well be in Europe).

I’ve submitted one talk so far that I thought might be fun an informative:


The life of a Fedora package: “This talk will follow in detail one package through all the steps of it’s life in Fedora and explain what happens at each step and all the systems and applications that deal with packages. Starting from idea, to project, to packaging, to review, importing, building, update, signing, mashi ng, syncing, testing, maintaining, retiring and end of life”

As usual, my problem isn’t what to talk about, but that there are too many things to talk about. 🙂 I’ve considered a “Intro to Fedora infrastructure” talk, but I’m not sure how interesting people would find it.

I also submitted a ‘sprint’:

Highly available databases: Fedora infrastructure currently depends on serveral database servers, we want to come up with a plan to make them highly available and no longer a single point of failure. postgresql wizards wanted to help us with this sprint!

I’d love to get rid of having to schedule outages when we reboot or work on our database servers. 🙂

Anyhow, I might well propose some more sprints/talks/hackfests/workshops before the deadline (May 31st). If there’s something that you would particularly like to see me talk on or run a workshop/hackfest/sprint on, drop me a line and I might be willing to. 🙂