Getting a bit lax about sending these out of late. I will try and get back on a tuesday schedule again next week. 🙂

So, looking back on the last twoish weeks there were a few interesting issues:

The perl package rebuilt, but something changed in rpm so the new builds started saying that they provided “perl(Carp)”. Sadly, there’s a seperate package that actually provides that, but perl gets pulled in first, so lots of builds that had a BuildRequires on perl(Carp) failed to build right. Adding an explicit “BuildRequires: perl-Carp” would work around it, but it was a bit anoying. The filtering on the perl package did get fixed up and is back to normal now, so if you were a maintainer that added that work around, please clean it up now.

The espeak package ran into a long time rpm issue. They changed a directory to a link, and rpm doesn’t handle that well, so it resulted in updates having problems. As always the work around for this is to put some scripting in the package to deal with the directory/simlink before installing the new version.

I ran another attempt at fixing broken deps in rawhide last saturday. I did manage to fix up some packages, but there’s some that just need maintainer attention or dropping. Please do look to your packages in rawhide and f19. The broken deps reports are just sad.

In related f19 branched news, it moved over to using bodhi yesterday as part of the alpha change freeze. Do remember to submit updates now for f19 builds (after you have built for rawhide as normal).

Otherwise so far, rawhide is proving to be just fine for my day to day laptop for the most part.