Day one pre-dawned early (got some alerts at around 4am after going to sleep at 1am), then got up around 7am local time (6am my time). ;(

Breakfast at the hotel was there…nothing really very exciting, but they did have coffee at least.

The bus over to the event was amusing… it’s a “party bus” with funky lights and all kinds of wacky printing on it. They did the job of transporting people over to campus nicely thought.

The normal fudcon setup fired off then: A into to barcamps, everyone pitching a session streaming by the stage, voting on barcamp talks and then state of Fedora talk by our fearless leader. Everything went very smoothly and the setup was great.

This time more than in the past even there were slots that had 2 or even 3 talks that I wanted to go to. Alas, I could only go to one at a time. 🙂 I picked the infra demos talk first. There were a fair number of folks there, although most of them were involved in infra and probibly knew about the applications demoed. Still, hopefully we got a bit more exposure for the things we have been working on the last year. Do take a look at and click around. 🙂

The next slot I took the hallway track and talked to various folks in the hall and in the auditorium. Also picked up lunch (sandwitches). Then lightning talks. Some of these were pretty amazingly cool. 🙂

Next up was the EPEL session. I wanted to try and discuss a few issues we haven’t been able to really reach consensus on. There was a good spirted discussion. Nothing was really concluded, but I do have more info to ponder on and propose some solutions for the epel-devel list post fudcon.

I then took the hallway track again, and finished out with a “Spins need fixing” and “Fedora Formulas” talk. Lots of good talk there about formulas, spins not so much. We will really have to come up with something better for f19 asap.

Now it’s time for pizza and cupcakes at the hotel, and then I think a short night for me… Looking forward to hackfests tomorrow, I think we can get a few things done and lots more good discussion.