This is part 4 of a series about finding out about all the cool stuff going on in Fedora.

This time it’s updates. Fedora updates packages all the time in a pretty heavy flow. How can you see whats being updated where and help test them out?

Bodhi (The Fedora updates system) has some handy rss feeds of updates. Go to and look at the rss links next to the thing you want to watch. There’s a feed for each branches pending (hasn’t been pushed out yet), testing (in the updates-testing repo), updates (in stable updates repo), and security (is a security update).

Package updates also go to 2 mailing lists: For stable updates the list, and for updates-testing a summary report goes to the test list:

As always, the fedora message bus includes messages when updates are created or package updates move from one state to another:

  • #fedora-fedmsg on
  • desktop/notify based fedmsg-notify applet ( yum install fedmsg-notify and configure/turn it on in settings)
  • websocket based

Stay tuned for the next part of this series soon. 😉