Folks who access resources may have noticed in the last week that things have become a bit faster. The reason for this is simple: We have a new sponsor of Fedora Infrastructure!

I’d like to welcome Colocation America to the folks that provide Fedora Infrastructure resources. In this case they have graciously donated to us the use of a server in their Los Angles data center.

Colocation America

We have put this server to use as a proxy and application server, so if you are going to any sites and you are in North America you will likely be accessing us from there.

If you are in the market for a server, do take a look at their offerings for Linux Dedicated Servers.

The support and administrative contacts there have been quick to respond and have been quite knowledgeable. They support native IPv6 connectivity (which we are using as well). The can install Fedora 17 as a base OS choice. Console access is available to help you with re-installing or off line work, and so far the network has been very solid.

Support us by supporting them!

See our sponsors page for a full list of sponsors.