Thursday (Fudcon Blacksburg 2012 day 0) was a travel day for me. Had to get up at the unreasonable hour of 4:45 to catch the shuttle to the airport, then to my first flight to chicago. That went off fine, but unfortunately my plane from Chicago to Roanoke was delayed quite a while. ;(
On the plus side I got to hang out with 3 other fudcon bound folks and we did some chatting there in the airport. Finally we got a plane and got to Blacksburg, where the magic Spot van picked up about 15 of us and took us to the hotel.
The hallway track was well in progress there, and I ended up staying up later than I had thought I could talking to people I usually only see on IRC. Finally got to bed around midnight after catching up on some emails.

Looking forward to a great fudcon!