Thanks to some quick packaging work by Andrea Veri we have some new plugins we have added to trac on for your tracking pleasure:

  • trac-workflowadmin-plugin: This plugin lets you change the ticket workflow on your project. You can setup what states tickets must pass through and in what order. It even gives you a nice little graph of workflow.
  • trac-navadd-plugin: This isn’t too visible yet, but I am going to hopefully use it to add handy ‘register’ and ‘forgot password’ links to all projects. This should help with end user ticket reporting.
  • trac-watchlist-plugin: This allows any logged in user to watch tickets or wiki pages without having to CC to the ticket or otherwise distrub it
  • trac-tocmacro-plugin: This was enabled in the old fedorahosted, but wasn’t packaged up correctly and has been now. This allows you to use a TOC macro to provide table of contents on wiki pages.

As always, these plugins are available in the EPEL repos (currently in testing) for all to use, improve and share. If you need some specific plugin or macro in fedorahosted, just let us know!