I just thought I would shoot out a quick post about some changes and enhancements at fedorahosted.org (an excellent place to host your open source project).

We’ve moved fedorahosted to RHEL6 and a newer set of hardware. Everything should be faster and newer. You will probibly most notice the upgrade to trac (from 0.10 to 0.12), but mailman, scms and all other software should also be newer. The backend is now a cluster of two drbd using nodes. We are going to look at decentralizing things much further in the coming year.

Speaking of trac, there’s a ton of new items in the new version along with some new plugins we have enabled:

  • The MasterTickets plugin is now installed, so you can have tickets block or be blocked by other tickets, and get a nice graph of the dependency tree.
  • Multiple repository support. You can now have your project list and show multiple source repos, using the same or different SCM’s
  • A great deal of configuration is available to trac admins on notification emails and permissions.
  • Unicode and i18n support is vastly improved
  • With a bit of adjustment, the PrivateTickets plugin works fine with the new trac. This allows you to have tickets only some groups can read/see if needed.
  • Configurable work flows for tickets. You can set things to go through specific states before being fixed.

Mailing lists (lists.fedorahosted.org) have some small but nice improvements, like properly handling bounce messages from inactive google.com accounts and better utf8 handling.

Our review board instance is still running along, and should be a bit faster now.

We have great plans for 2012 for fedorahosted. If you’re interested in helping us out, take a gander at the Fedora Infrastructure Getting Started page and jump in and join us.

See the fedorahosted.org FAQ for more information about Fedora Hosted and how to host your next open source project there.