It’s that time again: Fedora election season. The Fedora Board and The Fedora Engineering Steering Committeeare open to nominations until tomorrow.

I have no desire to serve on the Fedora Board, but I’ve been on FESCo since it was the Fedora Extras Steering Committee. So, thinking about running again brought up many thoughts:

  • I think I do a good job keeping FESCo on track and productive
  • I think I do good keeping FESCo open and operating in the light
  • I do think new blood, energy, ideas would be welcome.
  • I for the most part enjoy working on FESCo matters
  • I have perhaps less time than I have in the past, what with the new job

Given all that, I have decided to run again, but possibly see if I can’t pawn off the chairpersonship on someone else if I am re-elected. I will let the voters decide if they would like to see me continue or would prefer some new folks joining in.

As always, I am happy to talk with folks about anything. Feel free to comment here, shoot me an email or catch me on IRC. I’m sure I will also be participating in the town halls, so feel free to save up questions for that as well.

If you have time, energy and new ideas for FESCo, do consider running.

The Board race this time should be interesting. There’s a number of new faces and ideas and folks I know and have worked with. I look forward to talking with Board candidates as we move forward in the elections. Good luck to everyone who is willing to step up and make things better!