Fudcon 2011 will be coming up next weekend. I’m looking forward to it, and hope to see lots of Fedora folks I talk with on irc and on mailing lists, as well as new folks I haven’t met yet. 😉

A few things I would like to try and get done while there:

  • I’d like to try and sort out what will happen with spins in f15. The spins SIG is pretty much defunct, so we need to either setup a new better way to manage spins, or drop them, or something else. This is going to be tough, but I think Fudcon is just the place to hash it out. 😉
  • I’d like to do a lot of listening to others. Since I serve on many Fedora committees and groups I’d like to hear from Fedora Developers and users: What can we do better? Do you have ideas on something, but you don’t know how to approach it? What can we change or adjust to make YOU happier and have more fun with Fedora?
  • I’d like to sit down with any EPEL folks (and perhaps we could grab a website person or two) and revamp the EPEL wiki pages. They are old, outdated and hard to find things in. We need to draw up a whiteboard plan for what they should look like, implement that and nuke the old pages. I hope there are some EPEL and websites folks interested in helping me on this…
  • It would be good to get together with the other IRC support folks who are able to attend and perhaps do a talk on “Supporting other Fedora users”. I’m not sure I have time for slides, etc, but perhaps others in the group do, or we could ad-hoc it.
  • The governance and future directions talks will be very interesting. Our structure is a bit confusing and has grown over time. Perhaps this is a good chance to revamp FESCo, FAMSCo, Board or setup a new way to run fedora for the next 15 releases.
  • I look forward to hearing about the current progress of things like AutoQA, Abrt, and lots of other tools we use/want to use moving forward.

All in all it looks like it will be a great Fudcon. Hope to see everyone there!

EDITED: fixed the title. Sheesh. Stupid typos. ;(