Per Paul’s announcement on Elections, Fedora will be holding Elections for FESCo and the Fedora Board starting with nominations opening tomorrow.

I am going to throw my hat back in the ring for FESCo again. I hope folks will consider voting for me.

I would like to see a number of things through in the next cycle:

  • I would like to see more folks working on Fedora Engineering Sevices, and more tasks for them that make Fedora better
  • I would like to see us implement and put in place our new updates policy.
  • I would like to see us look longer range and come up with a better updates policy and ways to implement it. For example, I think we can expand the karma concept in bodhi a good deal and work on test plans for bugs and packages.

And many more items too.

If anyone has any questions for me on plans, goals or how I envision the engineering side of Fedora moving ahead, feel free to comment here, drop me an email, or catch me on IRC. I’m always happy to help out and answer questions.

I hope we will have a good slate of folks for this election and some good town halls and questions.