Some folks have noted recently that none of their Fedora updates have ever gotten any karma (either positive or negative) in the updates system. The default settings have a requirement of +3 karma to move an update from testing to stable and -3 to unpush the update entirely (This of course can be changed by the mainainer).

I run my laptop here with updates-testing installed, and while it’s true I almost never add positive karma to an update, I have very actively added negative karma to get a broken update unpushed. Some examples: was a ppp update that was pushed out of sync with NetworkManager, causing my EVDO card to stop connecting. was a dracut update that caused my encrypted root laptop to no longer boot. was a nss update that had a setting that caused my fedora-cert to get wiped out when I tried to get a new one, so I couldn’t do any builds.

There are others. 😉 On the other side of the coin, according to ‘yum –disablerepo updates-testing list extras | grep updates-testing | wc -l’ I have 191 packages from updates-testing installed. There’s no way, given the time I have that I could look at each of those updates and add positive karma. Clearly more automation, less updates, or more testers are needed in order to provide positive karma, but even the chance to add negative is useful.