I finally got around today to editing the introduction to virtulization page on the Fedora wiki:


I had been pointing users to this for a while, and it was in bad need of a cleanup. Fedora has not supported Xen Dom0 (host) since Fedora 8, yet the above page was listing all kinds of xen info, very much confusing people new to Fedora and virt. There was also a long section on losetup and kpartx to edit guest disks, but we have guestfish now. Many of the libvirt defaults (like a default URI if you are talking to a local libvirt) had changed, making commands easier. Some tools like virt-viewer were not even listed.

So, I took a chainsaw to it and cleaned it up. 🙂 If any Fedora using, libvirt savvy folks have a chance, please do go over this page again and clean up anything I missed or messed up on. I think Fedora is a great virt platform, but we need to have easy to follow docs to point our users at.

Perhaps people could consider doing one wiki edit a week… if everyone pitched in we would have the wiki cleaned up in no time. 😉