There has been lots of discussion on various lists recently about a overall “vision” or “goal” for Fedora. Sometimes that debate has been heated and not all that positive, so I thought I would ask a more positive question:

Just quickly, as the first thing that comes to mind, what is the Fedora related thing you do that you find the most fun?

For me it would have to be helping out someone on who is willing to provide info and try things and together we discover what the issue is and fix it. It’s just a nice feeling to know that someones machine is back to working as they wish and it was a cooperative activity to get there.

How about everyone else out there? Feel free to answer in comments or post your own blog entry on what you find the most fun. Is it coding? Packaging? QA work? blog posting? Showing off Fedora at a conference? Just general interaction with others in the Fedora community? Chatting on -social? Helping folks on mailing lists or forums? Getting a new Feature all done in a Fedora release? Translating Fedora software? Seeing something you wrote used by someone you know?