Did you know the collective name for a group of greyhounds is a “leash” ?

Well, up until this last saturday, I was walking 5 of them every day. Of the 5, 3 of them were as easy as can be… Kurt (10.5yr old), Merlin (9.5yr old) and (until saturday) Prince the foster (6.5).
Of the other two, Legs the greyhound means well, but often gets in the way or doesn’t realize where a leash is and gets tangled. He’s nothing next to the last hound however: Nash (1.5yr old) the puppy. He loves the snow. Jumping and making little Nash snow angels. Still, despite that, it’s sure fun to get out and walk them out on the walk.

The pups on a walk

All the pups on a walk.

As you may gather, Prince the foster dog got adopted this saturday! Congrats Prince. I hope he’s having a good time in his new home.
Just in time for us to be heading out to fudcon this weekend.

Leash Tangle

Sometimes after walks, the leashes get a bit tangled. 😉