On April 21st, I went up to Nunn, Colorado and helped out at Almost Home for Hounds.
Almost Home for Hounds is a facility that takes in racing greyhounds and cares for them until they can be transported out to homes
in states that do not have Greyhound racing. It was a fun time. They put me to work sweeping and mopping, but I also managed to help with turnouts and petting pups.

Boys turnout

Here’s the girls being turned out in the near yard, and some longer term residents in the next area over. The Girls are let out first, then the boys.
There weren’t too many hounds out there the weekend I went. Probibly about 15 each boys and girls, about 10 longer term residents and about 25 or so in the isolation area.

Girls heading in

Here’s the girls heading back in.

I didn’t get any pics of the boys or the 2 puppies they had there. ;( The boys were a bit on the rambunctious side. 😉


Also out there was Aria the puppy. She had a growth plate problem and needed to have surgery on her leg.
She’s the sister of another puppy I know, Maisey… She was very friendly and getting around pretty well despite her cast.

It was a fun time, I should try and get back up there sometime again soon…