On April 22nd (yes, I am still behind on posts. 😉 I went down for the extreme bowling for greyhounds.

It was a fun time as always. The place was pretty much packed. I think they got people for every lane.
There were of course tons and tons of dogs around. After pondering on it, I decided to just bring all my boys. I thought kurt would have a bad time, but he seemed to do ok, even with the fans they had running there.

I bowled pretty poorly… 135 the first game and just barely breaking 100 the second. I decided to go socialize instead of bowling the last game…

Shot of the alley

A shot down the alley…

Nash and Lilly

Nash didn’t care if Lilly used him as a pillow.

Merlin and Kurt

Even Merlin and Kurt settled down after a while.


Nash loved all the attention.

I managed to get one “bonus” pin, and picked up some dog treats for the pups.