I’ve been slacking and not posting much lately… will try and catch up on news and pictures in the next few days here…

On the 6th, 7th, and 8th of April I went out for my first camping trip of the year. I wanted to go someplace nearby and just do a trial run with the trailer and see what I needed to get for it, or change or whatnot. I did manage to do some prep before that weekend. Got the microwave all secured with some of these:
Super Grip fasteners. Seemed to work pretty well. Also picked up a 12v coffee maker (I have a percolator, but it takes forever to make a pot of coffee), and some other odds and ends.

Looking around, I decided to go to St Vrain state park. It’s pretty close (about a 30min drive or so), they had recently remodeled and rebuilt things there, and they had poooooower hookups. Unfortunately, the weekend of the trip, the snow and freezing rain was kinda depressing, but I decided to go anyhow.

Getting up and getting parked was a breeze. The place was pretty desolate with all the grass still brown and/or covered in ice and snow. There was a ton of water around… lakes and ponds, and
streams and such. Not too many other campers, but a few. There were even some folks fishing at one point in the snow. There were birds. Lots and lots of birds. Pelicans, Great blue herons,
Canadian Geese, Ibis type birds, ducks, and a lot I had no idea what they were. Nash was very happy to try and eat the geese poop, so I had to watch him closely on walks. Due to the lousy weather
we pretty much would go for short walks and spent the rest of the time in the trailer hanging out. The pups seemed to have a pretty good time, although I think Nash got a bit stir crazy a few times.

The EVDO coverage was pretty good there, so I was able to keep in touch on email and such. I got some portable ipod speakers which for the most part worked really well, except for when the
furnace fan was running it was hard to hear the music. The 12v coffee pot and 12v crock pot both worked great. The converter makes a slight humm when you are running 12v appliances, but
nothing to anoying.

Here’s a few pictures:

Picture of the park

View from the parking spot back to the other campers.


Some pelicans. I had the camera on B&W somehow. ;(

Lounging hounds

Lounging hounds in the trailer.

Hounds and trail

There were some nice trails around the ponds. Gravel and pretty flat.

Merlin and Nash

Merlin was being very tolerant of Nash. “I’m squishing your head”.

Blue Heron taking off

There’s a Great Blue Heron taking off. It was hard to get any pictures of them. They would fly off before you could get at all close to them.


Nice shot of a little bridge over the waterway.

Funky bird

Loon? Something funky looking…

All in all a good shakedown trip. I have a list of things I want to get/setup before my next trip, but overall the trailer did very nicely.