Once again I have been remiss in posting pictures as they come in. Here’s a catchup post…

Nash loves to play with any of the other pups in the training class we are going to, but there’s this small black dog that he really really loves.
Oddly he treats her very gently… love nips all over her and plays as much as he can…

Nash and pup playing

Lets play!

Nash and pup playing

Hey! How about I hold down your head and chew on your tail some?
Other pup: OK!

We went out to the colorado Pet expo last weekend. It was quite a nice fun adventure.
Nash found out that he could lay in the way and people would stop and pet him.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures of the event…

Merlin and Kurt and Warrior at the pet expo

Here’s one of Merlin, Warrior, and Kurt.

And of course since the weather has been nice lately, it was time to break out the pool…

Nash and the pool

Nash: Hey? what is this? Some sort of large water bowl?

Kurt and Nash at the pool

Kurt: No, allow me to demonstrate…

Kurt in pool

Kurt: First you soak your toes. Ahhhhhhhhh….

Kurt laying in pool

Kurt: Then you lay down in it. Ahhhhhhh….

Nash jumping into the pool

Nash: ok, let me try. First you jump in at high speed!

Nash jumping in the pool

Nash: Then you splash around trying to catch the floating things, then you zoom off!


Kurt: Sigh. Puppies.