I’m a slacker and haven’t updated in quite a while…

Just a few items:

  • Nash and I have enrolled in a Basic Obediance Class. It remains to be seen if thats for him to be more obediant to me, or me to be more obediant to him. 🙂
  • Enough of the snow melted today that I could move the trailer to a level spot and get it all situated right. TIP: don’t leave a case of diet coke in your fridge in a trailer over december and january. (Luckily it wasn’t too bad to clean up)
  • Unloaded Nash’es old old crate. (36″). Way too small for him anymore. Anyone want a crate?
  • All the toys I left in the trailer got moved inside. The pups were very very happy to see them!
  • I had a lovely time on my trip to Boston. For a more detailed write up see: Fudcon Boston recap
  • I am REALLY Looking forward to being able to go on camping trips with the trailer this spring/summer.
  • I have a bunch of pics on my camera I need to transfer. Hopefully a big photo post soon
  • Meadfest was a lot of fun. Pretty nice fun group of people
  • Taxes suck. Since this year I have a form K-1 from my dad’s estate, I have to use a service that can deal with that. Turbotax claims to, but they don’t have the finalized worksheet for that form yet. Not until next week.
  • We bottled the plain mead we made, and made a Vanilla/Peach. It’s bubling away next to me now
  • I also made a porter, just to have something with more immediate gratification. Luckily I had it in the sink, because it Really decided to ferment for the first few days
  • My family is doing a trip down to Karchner Caverns next month. I’m considering going, but I need to probibly do another trip in the trailer with Nash and confirm that he’s ok with being left out while I am gone for a while. Anyone planning any camping soon?
  • Looks like I ordered a new laptop. I think it should be a good one and my tax return should just about pay for it.
  • I have a bunch of stuff I should ebay/craigslist/get rid of. I really should work on that sometime.

Look for hopefully some pictures soon…