Downloaded the 70 (!) pictures that had piled up on my camera in the last week or two…

I see that in this batch I have topped 2000 pictures with this camera. Not bad. I still like it pretty well. I might upgrade at some point if something amazing came along, but aside from a few minor drawbacks, this camera is doing just fine for me.


You can call him Han, or Mr Solo. 🙂
He’s doing pretty well. His whining has pretty much gone down to just before meals when he’s wanting his dinner faster, and sometimes to go out.
He still occasionally screams when he is a klutz and runs into something, or someone startles him too much, but thats gone way down too.

Nash and Stick

A rotted log is such a wonderful toy!


Kurt has such a distinguished face these days.

Merlin and Nash

Snow is yummy.

Nash in snowbank

Hey, whats that in here? More snow you say?

Kurt and Han

Kurt and Han.

Nash relaxing in crate

Nash enjoying some downtime after a hard day of playing in the snow.

Shadows and snow

I really liked the effect here… the shadows were keeping bars of snow from melting…

Spent much of today shoveling snow. I have to pick up the travel trailer from the shop, and so need a place to put it.
Snow moving is hard work. Hopefully I can get enough cleared to get the trailer in.