Been a while since I posted an update. Since the last one I went on my thanksgiving travels.
It was a pretty good trip, but a lot of driving, and I am glad to be home.
From Broomfield -> Rest area just over the AZ/NM border -> Phoenix -> Prescott -> Back to Phoenix -> Los Alamos -> Broomfield.

The trailer did quite well again. I am really liking it. The dogs and I stayed in it in all of those places except Los Alamos.
The Rest Area I stopped at was nice, but had a train track running right next to it. Basically a train every 15min all through the night. ;(
Phoenix was nice. Got to visit with my family and have a fun time.
Prescott was good too. 31 of us for thanksgiving dinner. Lots of folks I hadn’t seen in years there.
Los Alamos was good too… got to catch up with my friends D and J and their kids.