For once I have a pretty easy going/lazy weekend ahead (I hope).

Some things I should do:

  • wash the urban
  • get gas
  • fill the fresh water tank in the doggie bunker
  • wash the sleeping bags and dog beds from the doggie bunker
  • restock the fridge in the doggie bunker and turn on sundayish (It takes a while to get fully cooled down)
  • make something to take to T’s potluck sunday afternoon
  • go to T’s potluck sunday afternoon 🙂
  • possibly upgrade a bunch of my computers from fc5 to fc6

Other than that, hopefully I can get some slacking in and playing with the dogs.

I now have nash (who is almost 60lbs!) trained pretty well to play fetch. It’s a great way to tire him out…

Tuesday it’s off for lovely AZ for thanksgiving. I think for once I gave myself sufficent travel time and such, so
it should be a pretty easy and low key trip.