Nice lazy weekend here.

I did go out saturday and look at travel trailers. The place I went was a distributer of the shadow cruisers that I have been looking at on-line.
Man were they packed with people. All their customer parking was taken up and I had to park next door. Since all the salescritters were helping people,
I got a chance to look at the units I was interested in with no pressure. I really liked the shadow cruiser 160 they had there on the lot.
It’s a 2006 model, so they are trying to sell it (it was a “managers special, with no haggle low price” 🙂
It had the “mocha” interor, which wasn’t too bad all things considered. There was some minor trim dammage around the bathroom door and some
small amount of surface rust on the front, but other than that it was looking good.
I emailed them some questions yesterday and their sales person got back to me this morning.
Now I just need to decide if I really want to blow that kind of money on a trailer… It will be very handy for halloween in New Mexico, Hunting in New Mexico, thanksgiving at my sisters in phoenix, and Faire next year. Other than that it will sit next to my driveway though…