Well, just the usual chaos going on around here…

  • Merlin wanted to go out really bad today… that usually means he sees a squirrel. This time it wasn’t a squirrel, but a cat. Luckily the cat managed to go the right way and made it out of the yard alive.
  • The other day when I wasn’t paying enough attention, I must have left the back door open just a tad long and Bitty the cat got out. Luckily I managed to herd her back in before she could get very far.
  • Been trying to fight off this anoying cough for a while now… I sure hope it goes away soon. 🙁

In other news I have been thinking about getting a small travel trailer. I have a number of things coming up where that would be very handy.
It would be handy for nukestock at halloween, hunting in new mexico after, and going to phoenix at thanksgiving. It would be nice to not have to
find a hotel that takes dogs while traveling. I would feel much better leaving the dogs in a nice sturdy trailer with a/c than in a tent or a hotel room.
I have some good leads… will probibly go look at some this weekend.