Here’s some pics I have taken in the last while and haven’t put up yet…

Twyla stopping to smell the flowers:

twyla smelling the flowers

Kurt being playfull:

kurt running around

The Tulips are sure out in force in the area:


Saturday at J’s birthday/housewarming party, the dancer was showing him how to dance:

J and dancer

Sunday bowling:


“are you going to rent me shoes? where’s my ball? Is this my lane?”

twyla ready to bowl

Lots of hounds and humans there:

people and hounds

Once the bowling started, twyla was ready to go chase that ball:

twyla ready to go

Sean looking to pick up a spare:

sean looking to pick up a spare

More folks and hounds. They said they had over 200 folks signed up to bowl…

people and hounds

This hound had the cutest ears…

cute hound