Kurt managed somehow today to get a puncture in one of his back toes… I was going to just put some antibiotic on it and wrap it up, but it was very swollen up and nasty looking, so I decided to take him into the vet. The vet poked at it some and concluded there might be something stuck in there (splinter, etc) or the like, so tomorrow kurt gets to go in and get put under so the doc can poke around on his toe. 🙁 I always hate having to put any of my guys under, but kurt is also way due for a teeth cleaning, so might as well get it all done.

Of course wed I get to go up to CSU and take Twyla in for her next chemo.

Oh well, I’m sure someone is going to get a new boat or a summer home from all my vet bills, but such is life.

Will try and catch up on pictures later tonight.