Overall a good weekend.

  • Good: Hero was quite good.
  • Bad: Hero wouldn’t play in my computer dvd player, so I had to use the playstation 2 to play it.
  • Good: I also liked Howl’s moving castle quite a bit
  • Good: got a few things done around the house. All the usual cleaning, laundry, putting out the trash.
  • Bad: didn’t get any of the other things around the house I was hoping to get to. Like: upgrading computers, getting the sprinkler system working in the back, putting the older fridge up on craigslist, etc.
  • Good: J’s b-day and housewarming was quite fun saturday night. The bellydancer his mom sent was amusing, and lots of good people and food and drink.
  • Bad: I ate pretty badly this weekend diet wise. Tons of cheese and other yummy but bad for me things saturday, sunday I had pizza and later made some (Non fat!) brownies.
  • Good: the greyhound bowling was fun. Nice to see another glimpse of T and Z. I had a nice time.
  • Bad: I suck at bowling, my 3 games were 63, 93, and 107. Still, it’s fun and I bet I would get better if I went more than once every 10 years.

Will try and put up pictures from all the various events this weekend tomorrow sometime.